Top of the craziest connected devices !


Have an outfit of objects for our car, house, garden it is very nice, but the life, even connected, is funnier with a little of falling or of crazy inventions just taken from brilliant brain of the creators … The craziest connected objects it is this way! Svakom Gaga: to ...

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[Survey] Connected devices in Hospital : For or Against?


Connected devices fit into all the circles, they represent the future of the Internet but also the future of the modern soeciety. It is thus quite naturally that they integrate the medical environment and its hospitals. What about then the reliability of these objects? But more exactly, how are they welcomed ...

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[Computer graphics] 11 inescapable IoT start-ups


The companies of Internet of Objects are everywhere, creating for the consumers devices and applications which connect to networks, and which are capable of sending and of receiving data. We expect that the IoT becomes the market of electronic devices the most important for the world before 2019, that is ...

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Top 5 of connected devices to party


The connected objects improve our daily life, but can also well serve for a little more special opportunities. That you are a big party animal or not at all, that is what could well serve you when you decide to have fun. Discover our selection of 5 objects connected to ...

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Top 5 of the connected for the weekend sportsmen


It is very cool the sport and all this, well, everybody does not make a priority. And moreover, everybody does not like that. Then for everything those who go in for sport, but not too much, who master, but not too much, who like that, but not too much, we ...

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The uprising of IoT in India


The IoT widely gave way in France, thanks in particular to the spheres of influence of FrenchTech but especially to the know-how of our engineers and to the dynamism of young companies which ventured to take part by chance of the IoT. We find even an international dimension. But what ...

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Top 5 of connected devices for fight sports


  That you are budding Rocky or professional in martial arts, are sure that the technology did not leave with you on the substitutes’ bench. Discover our selection of 5 objects connected for the combat sports. 1 – IPunch : To strike a big punch in the field of boxing ...

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Top 5 of the connected devices for the fans of hike


Lover of the big spaces and the new challenges, embark for a technological adventure. Your hikes will not be made any more without mattering on these 5 objects selected for you by OBJETCONNECTE.NET. The headlamp Petzl Nao Thought for the high-level sportsman, this headlamp is very easily refillable with an ...

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Top 5 of connected devices to put money aside


Since a few years the connected objects interest a wide public. Their capacities to manage the energy consumption of the home and to realize any sorts of savings thanks to their sensors are certainly the causes there. Thus here is a pip 5 of the various manners to reduce energy ...

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Top 5 connected devices for artists


1- SmartPen 2 by Equil SmartPen 2 is one of the most complete connected pens, and sold on the market. Delivered with its station of reception to reload your pen and tidy up the receiver. It possesses a diode to indicate you its level of battery. In spite of its triangular shape, it has ...

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[Interview] When Zeiss gamble on virtual reality


  [Interview] When Zeiss gamble on Virtual Reality Company still too little known by the general public, and by French public especially, Zeiss adds up nevertheless more than 160 years of experience(experiment) in the technological industry. The group of German origin proposes solutions dedicated to the industry of semiconductors, the automobile ...

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