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[TOP] Top 5 of Smart Watches


In tote the connected watch, some marvels emerged at CES 2015. We have established a TOP 5 connected watches, among the best, most comprehensive and most original. Sports and confused everyday use. 1- The Pop Activity, Withings Cheaper than its previous model sold 390 euros, because with a sapphire screen ...

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An NFC chip to monitor all the employees


It is now possible to have an NFC chip implanted under the skin to replace all access badges business, shopping loyalty cards or for example a gym card. Businesses and military organizations around the world are interested in this system can also be used to monitor its employees. As simple ...

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Top 5 of competences to develop in order to succeed in IoT


The IoT began inescapable way of what we refer to all levels of the digital transformation. The requirements laid by this teeming niche innovations are numerous, and the qualities and skills must be developed to establish coherent infrastructure, and sustainable over the long term. Here’s a top 5 skills to ...

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The upheaval in our society by the economy is on algorithms


In an editorial published on the blog Gartner, Peter Sondergaard, vice president at Gartner Research section, unveils an observation: the data is everywhere, the IT sector develops and short right to an inevitable transformation. And Big Data becomes the norm. However, what the data without use value? It’s just that ...

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