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China enters the market of connected objects

It’s official: Beijing came with full force in the race for the governance of the IoT this year, especially by investing a mere $ 800 million in this promising industry. And industry professionals predict that the next start-ups that will explode in China are none other than start-ups in that ...

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Ireland, the cradle of future technologies

The Spider Smart Dress embarking Intel Edison to capture the emotions of its carrier

Ireland plays a not insignificant role in the development of IoT applications, and also carries out large-scale strategic partnerships, such as those made with IBM, Intel and various technology startups than promising that led the country to quickly becoming one of the market leaders in terms of innovation. IBM and ...

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[Investigation] The connected objects are in the field

A recent survey farmers are among the most connected people. By their profession and the machines that surround them they are accustomed to technology and especially new technologies. The objects connected for farmers The Internet and connected objects allow farmers to get a bunch of useful information for their work. ...

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