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August, 2015

  • 24 August

    [Startup Tour] Co-Assist : “We propose a new version of telecare”


    Jean Guerin and Pierre-Yves Champagne are two young entrepreneurs who offer a solution to people (good) older than them. Their credo? Telecare 2.0. Kesako? A connected bracelet that works everywhere and few intensive battery. This is the solution proposed by Jean Guérin and Pierre-Yves Champagne, the two founders of Co-Assist, ...

  • 17 August

    [Startup Tour] The connected bottle Hidrate Me advice you about your water consumption


    With summer comes, the team of Hidrate Me has developed a perfect project: check that we have a good water consumption. A sensor in a bottle, and voila. Smart. They are four in the team Hidrate me and they built their project from A to Z: from idea to commercialization, ...

  • 4 August

    The upheaval in our society by the economy is on algorithms


    In an editorial published on the blog Gartner, Peter Sondergaard, vice president at Gartner Research section, unveils an observation: the data is everywhere, the IT sector develops and short right to an inevitable transformation. And Big Data becomes the norm. However, what the data without use value? It’s just that ...

July, 2015

  • 22 July

    [Devoxx 2015] Agility, Interoperability, Security and Intelligence with Kyokita, Surycat, Angus.AI and Evikey


    From 8 to 10 April 2015 was held at the Palais des Congrès in Paris for developers conference, the 2015 Devoxx, formerly Javapolis, created in 2001 by the Belgian entrepreneur and java-addict Stephen Janssen. The opportunity to meet OBJETCONNECTE.COM 4 French players in the Internet of Things: Kyokita, Surycat, Angus.AI ...

  • 3 July

    The uprising of IoT in India


    The IoT widely gave way in France, thanks in particular to the spheres of influence of FrenchTech but especially to the know-how of our engineers and to the dynamism of young companies which ventured to take part by chance of the IoT. We find even an international dimension. But what ...

  • 3 July

    [Interview] Sensewaves, The start-up which “listens” the sound waves of Big Data


    Sensewaves is a start-up at the origin of a Web platform for the integration of the connected and intelligent objects, which allows to analyze and to manage the information. This platform, Sweave, identifies the trends among the behavior collected by the connected objects, by transforming the raw data into significant ...

June, 2015

  • 17 June

    Ireland, the cradle of future technologies

    The Spider Smart Dress embarking Intel Edison to capture the emotions of its carrier

    Ireland plays a not insignificant role in the development of IoT applications, and also carries out large-scale strategic partnerships, such as those made with IBM, Intel and various technology startups than promising that led the country to quickly becoming one of the market leaders in terms of innovation. IBM and ...