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China enters the market of connected objects

It’s official: Beijing came with full force in the race for the governance of the IoT this year, especially by investing a mere $ 800 million in this promising industry. And industry professionals predict that the next start-ups that will explode in China are none other than start-ups in that domain. We deliver you the 10 startups names to follow very closely in the coming quarters, after you have delivered some figures about the Internet of Things in China.

China and connected objects: a lucrative market


The Minister of Information Technology and the Chinese believed that the IoT market would reach $ 80.3 billion profit by the end of the year, while the government estimates that this figure will double by 2020. and these figures do not seem so crazy, since we know that China has made IoT one of its major strategic priorities in recent years. Since 2009, the market experienced a thriving health and increased by 30% on average each year, making the Internet of Things is one of the most promising areas of the country. The secret of such success? Simply that connected objects together several things that the Chinese adore being concentrated technology, and connected. Thus potential customers were already huge in this market, even before the term “IoT” is pronounced for the first time.

Chinese start-ups Tour

1- Xiaomi


The 3rd World smartphones distributor has also grown in recent years in various areas of computer hardware. The company has met with particular success with the launch of its low-cost wristband connected in the past two years, the My Band, and is now turning to gadgets dedicated to health or smart homes. The group also made a strategic partnership with the Chinese giant Midea home.

2- Broadlink


BroadLink is a provider of intelligent solutions for the home specializes in home automation. In addition to the creation of catch and intelligent infrared remote controls, BroadLink also developed BroadLink Dna to help appliance manufacturers to make their smart devices. On the other hand, Wi-Fi solution Braodlink was integrated smart router Xiaomi.

3- Gizwits


Gizwits is a platform that connects home appliances and other electronic devices to the Internet. In addition, the platform also allows users access to analysis tools, but also notifications and updates remote firmware. The start-up has also launched a system to develop its own platform: Gizwits 2.0.

4- Ayla Networks China

Ayla Networks China is the Chinese branch of the company Ayla Network based in the United States. This start-up provides the Cloud connectivity solutions for manufacturers. The US company has released last year of $ 14.5 million to invade the Chinese market, in particular by creating a Chinese site, in cooperation with Sina agency, but also by appointing a Chinese leader, as the US director – Dave Friedman – think China will lead this sector in the near future.

5- Lifesmart


Another tour start-up towards the development of connected objects for the home. Its product range extends to the timing of the intelligent control center, via smart outlets, environmental sensors and smart cameras.

6- Yeelink

Yeelink proposes to assist manufacturers in the development of intelligent products, hardware design to the development of mobile applications, from the first to the last stage of commercialization.

7- Landing Technology

Landing Technology manages the development, creation and sale of smart devices. Their two Ivy Link and Goldweb brands respectively connected objects and networking devices and other accessories.

8- Orvibo


Orvibo is also a tour startups to home automation. Its product range extends to the smart gadgets door bells through cloud platforms dedicated to connected devices. The appeal of the product start-up remains his gas detector (intelligent) protecting homes and families of dangerous gas leaks.

9- MXchip

This start-up was launched in 2005 with a specialization in networks without short thread. In recent months, the Chinese start-ups has increased partnerships and expanded its business significantly. The latest? A partnership with the American Atmel to create a secure cloud dedicated to the connected devices.

10- Phantom


Phantom is a solution provider for smarthomes, particularly with regard to security and intelligent home lighting. In 2014 he won an investment of $ 1.5 million.


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