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[Computer graphics] 11 inescapable IoT start-ups

The companies of Internet of Objects are everywhere, creating for the consumers devices and applications which connect to networks, and which are capable of sending and of receiving data. We expect that the IoT becomes the market of electronic devices the most important for the world before 2019, that is why we present you a transverse selection of companies IoT which you should follow, as well as three companies deans who have already showed their ability.

11 Hot IoT Startups incontournables

I.  The Big Three

1. Dropcam


Recently acquired by Nest and Google, king of the WIFI cameras allows you to see remote house, family, animals, or begun thanks to a device connected to the WIFI.

2. Jawbone


This wearables (or portable technologies) participates in the improvement of your health, by measuring and by offering an overview of the way you sleep, move and eat.

3. Nest


They began with programmable thermostats and intelligent alarms anti-smoke and anti-carbon monoxide. Recently acquired by Google, they integrate all today which results from Dropcam to Mercedes and to IFTTT (Yew This Then That).

II. Devices



To LED bulb ecological, multicolored and connected to the WIFI which you can control with your smartphone.

5. Beep


In discreet to compute connected to the WIFI intelligent surrounding walls which returns your. Synchronize your surrounding walls in all your house and check them by means of voice commands yet by means of mobile applications.

6. Chui


A bell which recognizes your face. You will not have to worry any more to lose your keys, because from now on your face is the key.

7. Heapsylon


They create clothes consisted of sensors of fitness: your socks pass on data so that you improved your running, your T-shirts and your life jackets give you your heart rhythm.

III. Connectivity

8. PubNub


Message service accommodated on Cloud for the real time construction of web sites and mobile applications. He supplies a reliable connectivity for every type of device: consumer electronics, industrial, of irrigation, transport, etc.

9. Neura


Aide vos appareils à analyser vos comportements afin qu’ils anticipent vos besoins. Par exemple, quand il ne vous reste que 500 mètres de jogging à faire, votre chauffe-eau intelligent démarre pour votre douche, et la cafetière commence à chauffer.

IV. Données massives

10. TempoIQ


Formerly TempoDB, they help companies to make logical measures, making possible the storage and the analysis of important quantities of data generated by devices and connected sensors.

11. Scanalytics


The intelligent year ground which estimates the traffic of the customers (what leave of the blind doh frequent they?), and who connects in other devices so that they quickly bustle according to the consume attitude.

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