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[Devoxx 2015] Agility, Interoperability, Security and Intelligence with Kyokita, Surycat, Angus.AI and Evikey

From 8 to 10 April 2015 was held at the Palais des Congrès in Paris for developers conference, the 2015 Devoxx, formerly Javapolis, created in 2001 by Belgian entrepreneur and java-addict Stephen Janssen. The opportunity to meet OBJETCONNECTE.COM 4 French players in the Internet of Things: Kyokita, Surycat, Angus.AI and Evikey.

Kyokita and connected bar

Kyokita is a start-up specializing in robotics, Big Data and connected objects, and it is the R & D division Wemanity, the French specialists in Agile enterprise. They had at Devoxx a non-commercial prototype of a connected bar designed with … food trays, valves, pipes, Raspberry Pi and RFID tags. Through an application and an NFC glass, cocktail selecting (nothing but fruit here), positioning the glass on the RFID tag and in the pipes, and the bar starts. A fun way to present their connected objects of prototyping skills.

Watch connected Kyokita

Cocktail 2.0 in preparation

A prototype for a "transparent" presentation

Learn more about Kyokita.

Surycat by Optiflows, interoperability of connected objects

We had already published an article about the fundraising done by Optiflows. They were present at Devoxx to present Surycat platform specializing in M2M communication and adapted to the interoperability of connected objects including medical and for companies in search of automation solutions for inter-object communications.

Angus.AI, human perception applied to objects

Also in the corner dedicated to connected objects, we met the very young start-up Angus.AI a Cloud API for developers to “play” with the development of human perception skills applied to connected objects. They presented their solution through a lamp connected can recognize the movements, identify people and talk. Two recognized facies: a smile and an angry face, the lamp intelligently commented with a lisping voice toon “Ze voi some soze move!”

Photo Credit: Twitter / Aurélien Moreau

In addition to face recognition and identification of movements, allows the solution of Angus.AI via an SDK (Software Development Kit) to integrate a hardware the ability to recognize the age of a person, his emotional changes, its size, its type and its movement in space.

To learn more about Angus.AI.

Evikeythe USB key safe
On the occasion of Devoxx, Freemindtronics offered to budding or experienced hackers to come try to hack the French ultra-secure USB Evikey to win a stay in the castle. Once again, no winner during the show, but the boldest who have at least tried nevertheless were able to participate in a draw.For more information on the events of Devoxx France, find the Devoxx on Twitter: #DevoxxFr and their website: Devoxx France.

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