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[Study] Meeting with connected sportmen

After our survey of hospitals connected we looked to the connected sports. Indeed, there are many devices connected to the sport. But ultimately what really use by athletes? To find out more, we went out to meet people for whom life is summarized in sport.

Inventory of connected devices for sport

Athletes are rather spoiled with the new technology, for them many companies market each year tons of connected objects. All the more sophisticated than the other, competition is fierce in this market! We find among these companies Garmin, Withings or HTC. Even major sports brands have investigated these devices that are connected to both the new trend for sport but are especially handy when you want to monitor and improve performance.


Of course, it is possible to make a list of these objects for athletes: bracelet, cuff combination, shows … There are all kinds but the real question is ultimately whether they used? by who ? How? What For ?

Ultimately the only way to get answers to these questions is to meet professionals of the sport, those who spend their days in gyms or on land.

Athlete connected?

We went to the meeting of three athletes. One is a believer in running races and endurance, the other two turned to sports halls specifically weight training but also swimming.

A presentation is required, Justine is a “runneuse” for 10 years now, she sport 3-4 times a week and participate in races across France. Yanis is for its sports coach for almost 15 years and outside the accompaniments he realizes, is a fan of bodybuilding, football and boxing. He practices about 6 hours of sport per day. Finally, Gaël estprofesseur college sports for almost 10 years and 12 practice of sport per week especially swimming, running and tennis.


If our three parties not connected devices in use each sport they practice, they still use for certain activities. What use do they make of objects connected to the sport? If for Justine and Gael is personal use to monitor their progress and goals, Yanis the trainer answers: “I use connected devices to monitor performance: mine and those of my clients. Instead of writing everything, everything is recorded directly! After no more than watch. “

To continue on this idea of data collected, how athletes use them? They study or watch without making it too much attention? The answers differ on this, Justine answers: “I use it just to check my progress but it’s true that I try never to do less than the time before. It’s motivating! “

For Yanis the idea of wanting to do more than the last bonus too. As for Gaël data use, is his thing! “The professor next spring and it’s true that I like studying the data, see what I have done better, check my state of form. Then what I need to improve on what I need to focus next time …, “he admits.

So we find various online sports junkies addicted to data and performance!


By making a habit of these small devices that handle everything for us, it is interesting to know if our athletes could possibly do without it now. “It’s very helpful for performance, I will pass me more! “Said Yanis. As for our other two parties are agreed on the fact that this is a trend but a helpful trend nonetheless. Gaël also adds: “I’d probably lost, I got used to use and it’s more practical to rely on these devices rather than hold back performance or calculate. We can focus our efforts on the time and nothing else. “

Sports delighted by these devices so connected, but which ones have a preference? Justine uses a Garmin watch and the application and bracelet Runtastic. Yanis has set his sights on the device Beast, specialized in bodybuilding and rather expensive! For Gael, Garmin Swim watch and Instabeat glasses are partners in his swimming sessions.


Finally, the issue of price could not be avoided! So what do they think? For Justine price is a barrier, “It is expensive that’s why I do not use a lot! “Regarding Yanis when it concerns the sport that demettre not mind the price it takes to be with,” It would always be better if it was cheaper, but as with everything that is in my price when it concerns the sport !”

Gaël finally summarizes the situation quite well: “There’s at different prices after that depends on what one seeks and the budget that we have, not to mention what one wants to do”.

So yes, it is true that we often speak of objects connected for athletes because there are many. Looking more closely, these objects are still well used by athletes who swear by them! Difficult for sports fans to achieve their sessions without being connected now that they are accustomed to these little companions.

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