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[Study] Towards a physician / patient connected relationship?

We wanted to complete our investigation in the field of health and specifically connected the doctors side. This time we’re interested in the relationship between a doctor and patient. A possibly connected with?

Connected physicists ?

There are few times we did a survey on the use of objects connected in hospitals. The results of this survey we unveiled concerns about the arrival of these devices in hospitals. Above all, they call into question their reliability and numerous tests to be performed before putting them in place in a health facility. However we saw later a Florida hospital had set up the objects connected to one of its services.

However, some of our interlocutors thought it was more obvious for a doctor to establish a medical monitoring connected with a patient he knows, rather than the staff of a hospital with one of their patients. “In my view, the effectiveness, if proved, would be more useful for people followed in town and not in hospital,” said Nathalie to us.


Indeed, city doctors know their patients better than physicians working in hospitals. The relationship lasted longer in general and the visits are regular.

Some doctors use connected objects and test on themselves to check their reliability. Others do not really feel affected by this new technology. So we went to meet doctors to hear their views on the possible introduction of objects connected to monitor some patients.

A connected monitoring, for or against?

To answer our questions and to get different opinions, we met three médecins.Docteur Beret, in business for 10 years, Dr. Michel practicing for nearly 12 years and leDocteur Alani, health professional for 5 years.

One of our interlocutors, Dr Alani, became interested in health connected objects but decided to test him for now. Thus, he does not wish to take any risks with his patientsmais himself “ready to take the plunge when these technologies will be safer”

In so speaking of reliability and efficiency it is natural that we want to ask our health professionals. The three doctors agree on this point: “I think they are reliable, in fact many tests are performed and the companies would not take the risk of a trial …” declares Dr. Michel.


So what are the objects that might also interest those doctors, for their patients? “I know there is an iPhone application for glucose in people with diabetes, I think this can be a good way to monitor remotely, knowing that diabetes is a long term condition and is not not possible to cure but only to watch her “answers we Alani Doctor.

Who says use of objects connected also said data collection, we asked the doctors if finally the use of these objects could it be positive or negative, for the doctor as for the patient? “Positive, if patients use objects connected properly and that physicians may interpret the results they receive! A check so … “says Dr. Beret.

Doctor Michel tells us about him: “This can be both at once. Positive because it is a time saver when the patient comes to the office, this prevents him to note certain information and for us it is regularly monitored through data. Negative because the price of some applications for smartphones or connected devices are relatively expensive for patients ”


Finally, we came to a question that is being debated in the middle of the connected health. Indeed, some argue that in a few years connected objects could replace consultations among physicians, for some pathologies. This would be done through monitoring remote devices that offer. Moreover, it would enable physicians to have more time for their patients. Therefore think that our three doctors?


“Honestly I think these objects are reliable but do not exaggerate, they can not replace a consultation with a doctor”, says Dr. Beret.

Doctor Michel extends more about his answer: “I do not think that these devices can replace a visit to the doctor, but they can definitely be a” warning signal “that allows you to request a consultation with a doctor or specialist before symptoms become serious. Patients can use but it must still check is important! Use objects connected with the patient can then be a good idea if some people think that it can substitute for consultation because at that time the doctor can monitor and the patient does not draw his own conclusions. ”

The subject is being debated in the middle of health among doctors connected but if a lot of questions arise, they are still suspicious of this new technology.

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