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[Survey] Children connected: the debate continues

Connected objects and children do they mix? This is the question that we decided to clear this week, after our investigation of the doctor / patient relationship connected!

Connected devices contain both data but, as told in their name, a connection. Internet connection, application or other. So ultimately it’s good or not for children?

Connected devices, yes, but different

We recently saw in one of our articles, all that relates to e-health for children and data objects that these crops cause debate. On the one hand companies and supporters of the “connected objects are not harmful to children” and the other parents and advocates of “if they are”.

Enfant connecté

In objects connected to child we mean simply toys, such as Disney toys connected for example, offering children to have fun and not only collect data to record the progress of the games. But there are also toys or objects that they want to do physical activities for children. These in turn collect data on the capacity of children and the opportunity to achieve daily goals as found elsewhere in items for adults.

Of course it is not in a few lines that we will summarize all the connected objects for children because there are of course those who are concerned about their safety. For they avoid drowning, getting off or getting lost. Indeed, some devices still allow a real peace of the parents side. We can not hate them all!

What do the adults?

We went to meet some adults to give us their feelings about this new technology. A mother of three children (6 to 12 years), Anissa, a school teacher, Audrey and engineer, Philippe.

Our three interlocutors know the connected objects but do not necessarily use. Philippe has chosen devices connected to the sport basically. The idea is to get different opinions about the devices connected to children.

Enfant connecté

You should know that the connected market grows increasingly connected and children are becoming more numerous. We have asked them if they use these devices for their children, or if they know of connected children. The unanimous answer is no, none of the three children was connected in his entourage. And when asked why, Philip says, “the price is a barrier to purchase and when we know the lack of care vis-à-vis their children toys …”

So does that for them the use of connected toys can still be interesting for children? “At school not connected to toys but at home why not, after we say that children are always in front of screens connected toys so if possible to move so, otherwise I do not see the point” answers us Audrey schoolteacher. Anissa is somewhat agreed and added: “I would not mind that my children play with these toys but I would be sure that the connection of these devices is secure and they can not do anything with. ”

Enfant connecté

As for the e-health devices designed for children, is it well to look the child’s physical activity with bracelets or watches whose games? Audrey thinks “yes it can be interesting firstly to school when many students are obese, the school doctor may suggest activities adapted to the child. At home I am not sure because parents surely become addicted to data, as with the devices connected for adults elsewhere. ”

Anissa Audrey and Philippe join the second part of his answer, they also believe that the data would be viewed by parents and they exercerées a kind of pressure on them. This is also why qu’Anissa does not want for his children: “I think there are other ways to move their child with these objects,” she says.

Enfant connecté

Our third category of connected objects for children corresponds to articles developed to protect and supervise children. They can allow parents to monitor their children on their smartphone to be sure it is properly arrived at the school, for example. It is also used alarm when a child is bathing, drowning is Real!

Philippe said, “I think it can be useful indeed, they are well designed and allow a father to be reassured and calm. “Women are sharper on such devices. Anissa answers us “As a mother I can not see myself leaving my children to swim alone or only go to school as long as they are not big enough. I understand still very busy parents and this can perhaps ease. ”

Audrey agrees with Anissa and adds “Sincerely I think that a child who is lost will be happy to have this device with him but it is best to accompany her child to school and when they are old enough to go alone, they are usually in college and have a mobile phone. As for devices that protect them from drowning, certainly we must always monitor but drowning can happen within seconds, we see every day the information … I think it’s a good idea! ”

Enfant connecté

The subject on children connected does not everyone agree, it is true that opinions vary according to the different devices and their use. The choice is up to parents to accept or not the devices connected to their children!

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