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[Survey] Connected devices in Hospital : For or Against?

Connected devices fit into all the circles, they represent the future of the Internet but also the future of the modern soeciety. It is thus quite naturally that they integrate the medical environment and its hospitals. What about then the reliability of these objects? But more exactly, how are they welcomed in this environment where reign stress and big responsibilities?

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This program is the resul of 3 pre-requirements: identities / movements; reliability / availability and Confidentiality, as well as 5 functional domains:

– Results of imaging, biology and anatomo-pathology,
– Computerized and interoperable patient file(case),
– Electronic prescription feeding the plan of care,
– Programming of the resources,
– Piloting médico–économique.dre more accessible(approachable) the data of the patients.


Since its launch three years ago, the number of hospitals having set up this device does not stop evolving. Digital hospital plans among others WIFI, the sharing of data and real time images, of which to help the medical profession. The program also proposes a better comfort for the patient thanks to a touch-sensitive screen and a webcam allowing to communicate by Skype but also to inquire about its disease by means of specialized programs. Digital hospital takes into account a better follow-up of the patients outside the hospital with an exchange of computing data. The use of the digital data sends back to us thus directly to the digital data used and collected by the connected devices, in particular in the environment of the health. Furthermore, the deployment of a compulsory IT service for this program also strengthens the possibility of setling this new technology in care centers.

Hospitals are thus capable of processing the data and can watch the smooth running of the connected devices. Remain to know the costs which engender these devices but especially the opinion of the medical profession. Actually, the connected objects are far from making the unanimity in the field of the health and more exactly in hospitals.

The welcome of this new technology by the medical profession

There are various connected devices which can be integrated into hospitals and being able to interest particularly the healthcare professionals.

It is so possible to use connected patches allowing to watch the breath of the patients either the objects specialized in the follow-up, for example the reminder of the injections of insulin for the people diabetics … The list is long! Numerous objects of this type exist and they are all connected with applications allowing to collect all the data and ainsisurveiller the patients. What allows the staffs of the hospital of credit note more time for the other patients, those with whom no device  can accompany. A saving of time, certainly, but finally, really what about their use in hospitals


The manufacturers of these objects health, as explains it iHealthLabs, are sure of the quality of their products and their smooth running. The healthcare professionals have to intervene to choose well the connected devices and adapt them at best to their patients. For that purpose, it is necessary to inquire well about the company where from they result.

Thus it is from this perspective that we wished to meet healthcare professionals to know finally their points of view in the face of this technology.

To know more about it, we asked some questions to the staff working in private hospitals and hospitals. More particularly in internal ones in medicine (last years of studies of medicine) for at the same time their youth and their fresh vision of a world to which they are going many to bring in the coming years but also for their knowledge of the new technologies and their habit in the middle hospital worker. Nurses also expressed their opinion on objects connected in hospitals, their job is often recognized to be hard in term of responsibilities, work and feelings.


Our interlocutors come from various regions and thus various hospitals but none uses objects connected in their centers. They did not moreover hear about a possible implementation of these devices to watch the patients in their establishments to relase the healthcare professionals of certain obligations.

When the question of the utility of these devices in the hospital is approached it is the question of the reliability which raises problem: ” it would allow a saving of time, yes maybe, but it is necessary to verify the reliability and to be safe there at first ” Nathalie, nurse answers us. The medical environment and more particularly of hospital is not the most open to practices allowing to trust connected devices which do not still have were tested enough in hospitals.

As regards the reliability of these devices, the answers are unanimous: “for the reliability of these objects, they should be tested and approved before being really used in a hospital. The consequences can be terrible!” Eddy, internal in medicine insists.
The healthcare professionals are rather shy at the idea of setting up tools connected in hospitals. They exist connected objects health and applications health developed specially for the professionals but rare are the healthcare professionals who really know them. They always see connected objects health as a way to follow its “well-being” at home but not in a hospital environment.


The healthcare professionals evolving in hospitals think actually of the well-being of the patients by wishing the proof that these objects are reliable, what could be more normal! Some people declare that he would be sensible to set up systems connected at the general practitioner before integrating them into a hospital. Indeed, the doctor knows much better his patients and can thus watch attentively and realize the smooth running or not the connected devices.

One of our nursing interlocutors, Anaïs, wished to end by this sentence: ” when we are in the medical domain, it is impossible to play with lives. If the question of the implementation of objects connected in a health center does not come from above from the channel then nobody will take this risk! “

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