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August, 2015

  • 24 August

    [Startup Tour] Co-Assist : “We propose a new version of telecare”


    Jean Guerin and Pierre-Yves Champagne are two young entrepreneurs who offer a solution to people (good) older than them. Their credo? Telecare 2.0. Kesako? A connected bracelet that works everywhere and few intensive battery. This is the solution proposed by Jean Guérin and Pierre-Yves Champagne, the two founders of Co-Assist, ...

  • 19 August

    [TOP] Top 7 of the connected devices to become Master of the World


    Learn from your predecessors had Sauron One Ring to rule them all, Voldemort the Elder Wand, Darth Vader an army boots … So what was wrong so that everything parte peanut so close? They lacked the September Seven objects connected to become the master of the world! Do not try ...

  • 12 August

    [TOP] Top 5 of Smart Watches


    In tote the connected watch, some marvels emerged at CES 2015. We have established a TOP 5 connected watches, among the best, most comprehensive and most original. Sports and confused everyday use. 1- The Pop Activity, Withings Cheaper than its previous model sold 390 euros, because with a sapphire screen ...

  • 6 August

    Top 5 of competences to develop in order to succeed in IoT


    The IoT began inescapable way of what we refer to all levels of the digital transformation. The requirements laid by this teeming niche innovations are numerous, and the qualities and skills must be developed to establish coherent infrastructure, and sustainable over the long term. Here’s a top 5 skills to ...

  • 5 August

    Top 5 of connected devices for music fans


    The music has an important place in the world of connected objects but also in our daily lives. OBJETCONNECTE.NET presents its TOP 5 objects connected for music fans. Sonos This high system speakers without son or stereo audio components will allow you to listen to what you want in any ...

  • 4 August

    The upheaval in our society by the economy is on algorithms


    In an editorial published on the blog Gartner, Peter Sondergaard, vice president at Gartner Research section, unveils an observation: the data is everywhere, the IT sector develops and short right to an inevitable transformation. And Big Data becomes the norm. However, what the data without use value? It’s just that ...

  • 3 August

    Top 10 objects connected to go skiing this winter


    February is fast approaching and the snow has finally fallen in the French mountains. All the conditions are there for a good winter holiday in your favorite station. Winter 2015 promises to be connected to the end of winter storage. Everything begins even before the arrival skiing. Some stations are ...

July, 2015

  • 30 July

    [Study] Connected devices : a threat for our private life?


    The CNIL is still on schedule to propose new rules and laws to protect users. Upon the arrival of this new technology are connected objects, the CNIL has expressed on privacy and personal data. The new technology YES but not at any price! Thanks to the Data Protection Act, users ...

  • 29 July

    [TOP] Top 6 of connected devices against zombie invasion


    End 2022, Korean researchers are developing a new virus in order to eradicate alien threat to the planet. That’s not counting the magnitude 10 earthquake that brought down the lab releasing the body of his glass prison. Soon, 98% of the world population is turned into a zombie. You find ...

  • 28 July

    [Survey] Children connected: the debate continues


    Connected objects and children do they mix? This is the question that we decided to clear this week, after our investigation of the doctor / patient relationship connected! Connected devices contain both data but, as told in their name, a connection. Internet connection, application or other. So ultimately it’s good ...