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Top 10 objects connected to go skiing this winter

February is fast approaching and the snow has finally fallen in the French mountains. All the conditions are there for a good winter holiday in your favorite station. Winter 2015 promises to be connected to the end of winter storage.

Everything begins even before the arrival skiing. Some stations are equipped with cameras connected to their website for you to watch what is happening. So no nasty surprises on arrival, the snow is here and the sun shines. I tested, I am not convinced at all, but why not.

Once at the ski and installed in his cottage, it’s time to take a walk and especially to go skiing. For this he obviously needed warm clothing, practical and waterproof.

The trend of wearable brought to ski a variety of clothing …

For children, there is a GPS jacket for not losing (too bad for those who do not want to do babysitting). ITF installed a GPS beacon, in partnership with Ma P’tite tag in the jacket. Everything works on subscription.

Ma Ptite Balise

Hexoskin, a Canadian brand were the first to develop a t-shirt that can keep the heat even when the temperatures fall into the negative, to transport sweat to avoid the cold and especially to monitor our vital data: Hexoskin Arctic. It measures breathing, heart rate and physical activity.

Hexoskin Arctic

Thus, it is almost impossible to lose her child and breaking hypothermia.

From head to toes

It is undeniable that our ends (heads, hands and feet) are the parts of our body which cool the fastest. Indeed, it is often its portions which are colder. But that should not prevent us from going skiing, to respond to our messages and keep the line.

Gloves Go has released a range of gloves for without leaving his phone and especially by keeping our hands warm to answer calls, take pictures (without leaving his phone from his pocket? Not good), listen to music and everything connected bluetooth to your iOS or Android smartphone.


For the head, Achos Music Beany lets you listen to your music while skiing and keeping your head warm (acrylic and polar). Just like the gloves, he is paired to your bluetooth phone for you to change the music, answer calls, etc. only touching the edges of your cap. Thus, we do not take the risk out his phone from his pocket and dropping it in the snow and say goodbye.

Archos Music Beany

To avoid losing his toes and at the same time to monitor its activity, obtain dessemelles heating and connected to the smartphone seems to me that a more sensible solution. Digitsolea was the first brand to create soles able to keep your feet warm and at the same time connect bluetooth to your smartphone. With these shoes you can ski feet warm for about 7 hours while monitoring your activity and your calories burned. Clever is not it? And the best in all this is that they adapt to all the shoes!


Nothing side combination or ski jacket, there is nothing really connected, but it is only a matter of time, since there is already heated clothing connected to a remote control.

With your skis … ready … Ski!

Once on the slopes it’s time to ski and again, skiers or snowboarders high tech can not be disappointed. Trace and LIT are sensors for extreme sports. Given the number of broken limbs ski, it can be considered an extreme sport!


Trace is a small round case that sticks on the board (surfing, skateboarding, snowboarding). LIT him, take the form of a housing case too, but that slips into your pocket or attaches to the wrist like a watch. Both are trackers. They analyze your business, but not with a health lens but with a sporting goal. They analyze jumps, backflips and other, to stimulate the desire to do more, and to improve … Track and LIT is based on a spirit of sharing his exploits with his friends and with the world, what show off to his friends. But BED has even pushed up the vice introduce challenges, competition between friends.

lit activity tracker

Safety first

But to do all his prowess, it is important to provide maximum protection. Runtastic and Head have associated two years ago to create a ski helmet with multiple features: the Sensor Head has even won an award for safety. It is connected by Bluetooth to your smartphone via an application, it consists of a microphone, loudspeaker to tell you how fast you get off the tracks. It even monitors your heart rate.

Le Head Sensor de Runtastic

Newer, and for those who are not adept helmet, it is a choice, there is of course the Oakley mask. These glasses outings last year out of the future. They display all your data on the “screen” GPS, speed, jumps, temperature, calls … A true object that one could believe something out of a futuristic action film. And of course everything is available on your smartphone. Along the same lines, there is also the helmet Smith i / o Recon and look at prices very similar.

Masque Oakley airwave

Masque Smith i/o Recon

At some point, it will still take a break. Again no worries with Soulra Rugged Rukus, a portable speaker, the break is in the mountains and music (not too loud though, we would not trigger an avalanche). This chamber is composed of the panels solairespour recharged anywhere, and skiing whatever one can say, it is not the sun is missing. Soultra Rugged Bluetooth connects to any device and with its light weight and desmousquetons it is attached to a bag or belt. It is proof 1m height falls and is water resistant, perfect if it falls in the snow.

Soulra Rugged Rukus

To film his holidays and his exploits, there are also water resistant cameras on the market such as Sony Action Cam or the Ricoh wg-m1 much more sporty appearance.

snowy applications

If like me you are not on top of the latest technologies, which are not for the budget must still recognize it, there are applications for free smartphone that certainly does not take space in your luggage. Rossignol Ski Pursuit for example, monitors your activity as a real wristband connected or Trace, above. Everything indicated, maximum speed, average speed, the number of kilometers traveled and this is stored in the data as the fact Santéde Apple.

Application Skiinfo

Other apps like Ski & Snow Ski or information let you check the snow stations, weather and so on.

Some have also released smartwatchs centric applications winter sports.

The stations connect

But it’s not just clothes and accessories, stations connect more and more, like Megeve (Mont Blanc) and Les Arcs that improve their Wi-Fi connections. All the ingredients for a good holiday for winter sports and stay connected. Today it is possible to combine security, leisure, holiday and new technologies. A team member went to Valloire last winter, the ski resort “connected” had a dedicated application that allowed the ski area, for example to precisely locate his friends “Facebook” of the ski area.

However, after the day of skiing ended, one could imagine returning to his remote cottage where we have programmed heating and the kettle for a nice hot tea. And a bathroom at the forefront of technology, integrated radio, etc. “After sport comfort” said the saying. We are not there yet, but it is surely what makes even the charm of the mountain.

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