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connected devices for climbing

Top 5 connected devices for climbing

Climbing and vertical rock faces lovers, welcome ! This TOP 5 will make you discover what are the latest connected devices you have to absolutely take with you on your next trip.  Embark now in an immersion in the country’s climbing high-tech.

Climbax wristbands


Still in project phase, the climbax wristband will serves for only one goal: climbing. This connected wristband allows you to monitor and follow your rock climbing technique. Through its sensors, every movements and positions of your hands are recorded, even the distance between your wrists. The information recorded from wristbands produce climbing statistics, which are then downloaded to a computer. Waterproof, every wristbands weight no more than 30 grams. Therefore, follow these connected devices, as soon as designers will have reached the necessary fund for the launch, which is highly anticipated.

The advertised price is about $199.

Push, the smart and connected armband

Two fundamental things in the practice of climbing are to be familiar with his body (strength and resilience) and to possess certain muscularity. Some climbing holds requiring having muscular arms, in any case strong enough! That’s why we recommend you “Push”, this connected armband invented by a small Canadian startup, which will serve you as your personal coach in your workouts before climbing.  Tracking, improvement of performance and injury prevention services are offered by this connected device.

From about $190

The D-shirt of Citizen Sciences

connected shirt D-Shirt

Citizen Sciences, who is one of the pioneers on the wearable market in France, develops connected textiles since 2008. From 2015, the D-shirt will be available (we had already told you about this subject) (LINK) . Measure your heartbeat, footsteps; burned calories, tracking or your fatigue level will now be possible. All those information will be transmitted in real-time to your smartphone. In addition the T-shirt goes even in the washing machine without any problem. The pack contain a case (of 30g.) and the D-shirt will be sold round $390.

The SpotNsave wristband

Your new guardian angel during your outdoor trip ! One of the main concerns of the climber being security, this connected wristband allows you to send an instant distress signal to one of your loves ones (and indicate your exact position) in the case of accident or problem, you may have.  Its battery capacity is 14 days. It works with Bluetooth et can be connected to iPhone and Android devices. From $69,99.


Recon Jet glasses

Recon Instrument had unveiled his newest connected device dedicated to athletes (LINK) and it’s glasses! Connected to your smartphone in WI-FI or Bluetooth, those glasses allows you to read SMS, see calls, but also take photos or videos. It’s a huge advantage in a sport where you really need both hands to hang you, but also where you cross absolutely awe-inspiring landscapes.

Recon Jet will be available for purchase from here a few weeks, around $700.

The climbing (in general), as well connected climbing remains a sport relatively expensive. On the one hand, these products offer the advantage of last a long time. On the other hand, some of connected devices cited above are still in the early stages of their marketing and have therefore not reached their “stabilized” price. They are likely to be sold much cheaper over the time when demand will be there.
Then to the “climbing” lovers : all you need is patience !

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