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Top 5 of connected devices for fight sports


That you are budding Rocky or professional in martial arts, are sure that the technology did not leave with you on the substitutes’ bench. Discover our selection of 5 objects connected for the combat sports.

1 – IPunch : To strike a big punch in the field of boxing

With its two sensors, who allow to measure the speed and the power of the knocks, gloves iPunch communicate with the smartphone of its user, via Bluetooth 4.0, data of quantified self-service restaurant. The application gives audible instructions to the fighter, to allow him to improve its technique and even to challenge other users to establish then a ranking.

2 – Reebok : Fight without complicating things

The sensor of impact Reebok Checklight was designed to inform the sportsmen, their trainer or their family of the gravity all at once during a fight. During an impact, the bright helmet determines the probability of head wounds and shows color uncode by means of three LED, going of the yellow ( moderate impact) to the red, in the case of a graver shock requiring the stop of the fight.

Casque noir connecté code couleur

3 – Jolt : safe clip

Just like Reebok, the clip Jolt aims at the safety of the heads of the sportsmen. Smaller, it is associated with a mobile application for IOS and Android who connects in Bluetooth in the smartphone of its user. Jolt can be clipped in a helmet or a headband, measures the intensity of the knocks received by the athlete and if need be warns him in case of shock which can put him in danger. Still in the state of project on Kickstarter, Jolt can be pre-ordered for $99.

clip bandeau ou casque connecté

4 – FITGuard : protected up to teeth

Un protège-dents connecté au téléphone du sportif via Bluetooh, afin de réduire les risques de commotion cérébrale. L’idée est venue à Anthony Gonzales, l’un des deux créateurs de FITGuard, après une amnésie temporaire en 2011, due à un choc violent. Grâce à un code couleur situé à l’avant de la protection, la force d’un impact est mesurée et affichée sur le smartphone de l’athlète, afin qu’il sache quand s’arrêter.FitGuard protège dents

5 – Lorica : Ave César, the 2.0 Fighters greet You

The connected armor Lorica has enough to restore a youth in the sports of which we thought too dangerous to be practised. The several sensors connected in the combination measure the precision of the real time received knocks. An integrated camera allows even to follow the fight as if we were there! Some improvements are nevertheless necessary in term of fluidity of movements. For the fighters, the patience, the feminine version of the armor is in the course of creation.


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