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Top 5 of connected devices for music fans

The music has an important place in the world of connected objects but also in our daily lives. OBJETCONNECTE.NET presents its TOP 5 objects connected for music fans.


Différents éléments Sonos

This high system speakers without son or stereo audio components will allow you to listen to what you want in any room of your home. Either with one or the PLAY compact enclosure for PLAYBAR TV, Sonos offers a listening experience, crystal clear sound regardless of the audio level.

With it, the synchronization is simple, just press a button. Your entire music library, whether on iTunes, Spotify or Deezer same, met on one application: Sonos Controller (iOS and android). With Sonos you can control the music in every room of the house and then play the same music everywhere. Up to you. From 199 €.



Prizm_main view

Prizm is a very smart little gadget created by a French start-up based in Paris. Press a button and he himself chooses to broadcast music. The choice is made according to your tastes and your listening habits. But that’s not all, it also analyzes the mood in the room with sound decapteurs. This little genius is able to detect persons in the room thanks to smartphones and connected bracelets. An algorithm developed by the start-up allows it to adapt to all situations.

Once connected via Bluetooth to a pregnant or taking Jack Classic, Prizm broadcasts music over Wi-Fi directly from Spotify, Soundcloud or Deezer.

The music does not suit you? No worries, just press on the cross to change it.

Prizm is available for pre-order at $ 139 (about € 112) instead of $ 169 (about € 136).





The bracelets occupy an important place in the world of objects connected so Yannick Modah Gouez, founder of a French start-up, launches Trak, a bracelet connected but for music. Indeed, Trak is a wrist version of Shazam. It automatically records the music heard during an evening class and playlist according to events. You can then find the surSpotify since bluetooth is connected to your smartphone.

This bracelet will be very helpful for festivals or concerts and will allow artists to become known more quickly.

Unfortunately Trak is available now in pre-order and will be marketed in the third quarter 2015.


Archos Music Beany

Archos Music Beany

Play music with style and head warm during the winter? This is possible with the bonnet connectéArchos Music Beany.

Under its high quality wool hides a Bluetooth headset connected to your phone. Just press on the edge of the bonnet to change the music, raise or lower the volume and mêmerépondre calls with the integrated hands-free kit.

You can acquire the Archos Music Beany for the modest sum of € 29.99


Super-M de NudeAudio

SuperM de NudeAudio

Listening to music is good, but to play it anywhere is better. Super-M NudeAudio is a bluetooth speaker (compatible with iOS and Android) resistant to water and sand. The young startup offers the possibility to listen to music wherever you are even at the beach. Super-M has an autonomy 8h battery and a 360 ° sound. Little more, its mini size is easy to slip into the back pocket of your jeans or in the beach bag.

Super-M costs $ 99 at Amazon or about € 80.

Casque ZIK 2.0 de Parrot

Parrot ZIK 2.0. appli

The Parrot ZIK 2.0 is described as the best Bluetooth headset on the market today. Music fans do not be disappointed. This headset connected Bluetooth has a range that can hold up to 18h. In addition, it is compatible iOS and Android, to delight everyone.
Her little more fun? The touch panel to change the music, pause, increase or decrease the volume. This music is full of jewelry and more with an application available from the Apple Store or Google Play. It eliminates surrounding noise and promises clear sound, scalable with the application. In short, we love it!

The Parrot ZIK helmet 2.0 is available in 6 different colors at a price of € 349 on their official website .

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