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Top 5 of connected devices to party

The connected objects improve our daily life, but can also well serve for a little more special opportunities. That you are a big party animal or not at all, that is what could well serve you when you decide to have fun. Discover our selection of 5 objects connected to party.

1. LED MOVE: to put in the mood


It is the connected the least connected object of the world, but that has all the same a rather nice advantage. A bracelet in silicone while landing quite straight ahead of the Silicon Valley which gets clearer in every movement of your wrist. Rose, green, white or still blue it follows you in all your night-activities. Imagine yourselves now in a subdued atmosphere, the music completely and quite your buddies who enlighten the environment at the rate of the music and at once you begin to seize the interest of the product. Besides it is not expensive :  7,99 euros.

2. PRIZM: however a musical programming everybody likes

For those who like making evenings at their home, between friends, not necessarily easy to make a playlist which sends of the heavy while pleasing everybody. Forget this concern with Prizm. Prizm and a very intelligent connected musical terminal. It detects the accounts Spotify, Deezer, Souncloud of all the guests, searching their favorite musics and compiles all this to take(bring) out only songs susceptible to please everybody. But that’s not all! The supernatural machine also finds a way in the time and the space. For example, if one Friday evening at 11 pm he hears a big sound atmosphere it is going to understand that it is a question evening and is going to settle the musical programming and the volume according to all this.

prizm musique connectée

3. ALCOHOOT BREATHALYSER: to drink heavily, but not too much

To drink it is nice, to drink too much it is dangerous, even more when it is necessary to take the steering wheel to bring in. And nevertheless, not always easy to know if we exceeded the fateful limit of 0,5 grams by liter of blood. It is there that intervenes Alcohoot Breathalyser, a connected breath test which connects in your smartphone. It is enough to blow inside to see the alcohol level. If it is down, it is gained you can lead. Otherwise, the application allows to order a taxi to go back home in complete safety.

alcotest connecté

4. VIVE : to know how to stop at the right time to know how to stop at the right time

That we are clear, when one fate we sometimes tend to let go ourselves and to drink a little too much. Necessarily, there are counterparties, not always pleasant. To avoid that, the bracelet Long live, which protects you in case of too much watered evening. Connected by Bluetooth via an application (only iOS for the moment), him measures the blood alcohol level as well as the dehydration through sensors placed on the skin. If you are anymore fit to manage alone, the bracelet will warn your friends of it to see the help which can find you thanks to a GPS function.

5. TRAK: to find the good sound of all evening

After your evening of nutcase, you dream only to find the titles which made you vibrate all evening long. It is possible from now on with the bracelet Trak which works in the style of Spotify. Connected to your telephone it gets the music which is passing, and creates a playlist of the evening. In brief, it’s great!

bracelet trak

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