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Top 5 of connected devices to put money aside

Since a few years the connected objects interest a wide public. Their capacities to manage the energy consumption of the home and to realize any sorts of savings thanks to their sensors are certainly the causes there.

Thus here is a pip 5 of the various manners to reduce energy expenditure thanks to the connected objects!

1- To check our lighting to save some electricity


Lightify, of OSRAM, allows to checkthe lighting of all the home thanks to a smartphone. At the house or at a distance, master your light sources!

Most? It is compatible with various types of lighting to adapt itself at best to our interior design.

This device is the first step towards a connected house, it is essential to save some electricity! The price of the kit is 99€

2- A connected shower to less wasted water


Fortunately a new connected object was born: the knob of shower connected EVA. This long-awaited mechanism allows to make considerable savings on our water bills. The shower notifies us on the smartphone when the water is for temperature and adjusts automatically the power of the water jet when we soap or when we rinse ourselves. A good idea to reduce its water consumption. The price of this connected knob of shower is 89€.

3- The intelligent refrigerator: to avoid the food wasting


Since the intelligent refrigerator was born, numerous brands propose it, of whom Whirlpool. This device is connected to Internet and proposes numerous features via an application smartphone. It watches the best before dates of the products which It contains and informs about the arrival of their deadline. He thus allows to try to end the food wasting!

It will be sold for 1400 €l before September, 2015.

4- The new generation of household electrical appliances: scheduled tasks


Numerous brands dealt with the connected household electrical appliances, it is from now on common to find a dishwasher connected in the business. Easily programmable, the washing machine of the brand Candy êtrecommandé at a distance thanks to a Smartphone can.

You have to forget to launch your dishwasher before leaving? No worries, in a click the cycle is launched!

Saving of time but also saving of money because it is possible to stop this remote household electrical appliance in case of forgetting. It will be necessary to count 599€ to offer itself to it.

5- Connected thermostat: a mastered heating


To realize savings on the heating is not a small matter. The connected thermostats thus made their appearance to remedy it. Actually, the connected thermostat Ween allows to watch the good temperature of your home. A well regulated temperature allows to realize savings on the long term.

The thermostat also has the capacity to detect the absences and proposes a regulation accordingly.

Thanks to its ease of use and a smartphone at hand, it is possible to activate or to deactivate its heating. Of what to put money aside! The price of Ween is 349€ in pre-ordered for a delivery in autumn, 2015.

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