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Top 5 of the connected devices for the fans of hike

Lover of the big spaces and the new challenges, embark for a technological adventure. Your hikes will not be made any more without mattering on these 5 objects selected for you by OBJETCONNECTE.NET.

The headlamp Petzl Nao

Thought for the high-level sportsman, this headlamp is very easily refillable with an auto-adaptable lighting. Endowed with the Reactive technology Lighting, this frontal is capable of analyzing the ambient luminosity and of adjusting the intensity of its lighting working. The battery(drum kit) is so protected longer, and its use was made more comfortable. A lamp of the most practical, while waiting for maybe its connected version? To discover from 124,90€.

The North Face Surge II Charged

This backpack will allow you to reload and to transport everywhere with you your multimedia devices. Provided with a battery Joey in the polymer lithium, this new fellow traveller has the capacity to re-feed smartphones and other small electronic devices. With its capacity of 32L and its three pockets, this backpack also assures(insures) you a perfect preservation thanks to an adjustable and adjustable harness. The whole for 152,00€.

North face Charge Yellow

The D-shirt of Citizen Sciences

Be patient, this prototype arrives very soon on the market. Designed by the French company Citizen Sciences, this intelligent T-shirt contains various sensors (heart patient, GPS, accelerometer) as well as its own food(supply) in a case placed at the top of the garment. The whole connected with a mobile application for smartphones. Waited for this year, D-shirt should be sold near 80€.

Le D-shirt de Citizen sciences

Fitbit Surge

Developed by Fitbit, this intelligent watch provided with a GPS serves you as instructor of training. Follow-up of heart rate, not made, outstrips traveled, burned calories, the whole is centralized in one and the same application. Compete with your friends and push away your limits for 299,99€.

fitbit surge blue

Hero 4 Black, de Go Pro

Arrived on the market at the end of last year, this camera is twice as successful as its old version, the Hero 3 Black Edition. Capable of filming at the speed of 15 in 30 images per second there 4K, she can also film 120 images per second in HD. Completed to realize quality slow motions, and follow you in all your events. The price of marketing is 659,89€.

hero 4 black

5 objects to live a new experience of walking, and remain connected even at the top of a mountain or on the most moved back roads.

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