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Top 5 of the connected for the weekend sportsmen

It is very cool the sport and all this, well, everybody does not make a priority. And moreover, everybody does not like that. Then for everything those who go in for sport, but not too much, who master, but not too much, who like that, but not too much, we concocted you a small top 5 of the objects connected for the sportsmen of Sunday.


Nike + FuelBand SE

Nike felt well the vein of those who have not a practice too much. Thus the equipment manufacturer set up its bracelet connected for sir and madam everybody, FuelBand. This one adds a notion of community to your activity. Plainly you win points at every physical activity and you can compare with the others. Groups to support itself are even in on this. You have no more excuse to put yourselves in it from time to time!



From time to time we want to cycle. And then we find more the key of the anti-theft device, or then we forgot the code because the last time when we used him it was in 2001 for Kevin’s anniversary and its first tricycle. In brief, in the face of all this, an intelligent padlock which connects in Bluetooth in your smartphone. It is then possible to unbolt him directly since the telephone. Practice. And moreover, he has an autonomy of 5 years.



You have a walk quietly on your bike, maintaining that you can unbolt it carefree. The road is quiet, anyway never has there nobody on Sundays, except this Sunday … Fortunately you have nothing, but for next times he could be useful to be able to warn your close relations It is the principle of ICEdot that settles on a helmet and sends warn your close relations and especially the help in the event of an accident.


Tao Chair

We have find TEA trick)to work without getting tired too much and especially without moving from one. Say hello to Tao Chair. This one settles down in your lounge and allows you to realize several exercises nice and quiet bilou sat(based). The whole is playful with several games(sets), multiplayers on top of it. It connects in Bluetooth by your telephone and you find quite information on your physical activity. In brief, all this with a small beer and chips in front of the soccer, it is rather cool.


Fitbit Charge HR

It exists multitude of connected bracelets, but some are better that others. Approved by the editorial staff, Fitbit Charge HR will know how to move you when you want it, but rest especially extremely complete and very easy to use. We let you read the test dedicated to the subject.

Test Fitbit charge hr

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