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[Top] Top 3 of connected devices against pollen

The spring season is conducive to allergies, pollen is also responsible for many cases. However, new technologies offer objects which may indicate the presence or absence of pollen. Here’s a top 3 devices to use for people allergic to these particles.

Birdi studies the presence of pollen

Birdi is a detector to be placed at home, it helps to alert in case of anomalies in the ambient air. Indeed, it looks like a smoke detector, but it is much more than that. It allows to detect pollen and other substances which may be toxic or which may cause allergies. Connected to WiFi sonapplication smartphone, Birdi notifies the user when he feels a high rate of pollen particles in the air can play on health. The detector is available at prices of $ 119 on the official website Birdi, the application runs on Android and iPhone.


TZOA This air sensor trend

The company launches a sensor TZOA to assess air quality with a stylish device. Indeed, designers have capitalized on an unusual design for an air sensor that also looks good on a jewel to a small decoration. Through its application and bluetooth connectivity, this device sends notifications on smartphones, to warn of pollution or other environmental factors such as pollen. This indicates the rate of pollen in the air and allows the user to provide its outputs according to allergies.


This sensor is not yet on the market, but should be available in August 2015.

Sense analyzes particles in the air

Sense is primarily a connected alarm clock that also monitors the ambient air to allow sleep. Thanks to its sensors, it is possible for it to determine the presence of moisture in the air, but also pollen. Actually it detects the presence of pollen in the air for all allergy sufferers. Under a friendly shape, Sense slips easily into a habitat for its user and monitors the particles which can affect his sleep or his health. Sense is available for purchase for $ 129.


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