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[TOP] Top 5 of connected devices for Game of Thrones

We talk to no end of season 5 of Game of Thrones? Because in writing objetconnecte.net we also lived and mourned in the pace of episodes, it offers a top that covers two things you like: the connected objects and GoT: The Top 5 connected objects that could be used in Game of Thrones!

And to start, little atmosphere:

Drones for the Night Watch


Finished curdle the derche in the snow to set the horizon and down Wall fearing an invasion of wild or the arrival of white walkers! Good for both UAVs arrive a little late, but we could well avoid frostbitten good guys stationed there H24! Imagine the comfort, warm fireside to fly over ice and freezing solid. Well, after it also estapplicable for next season. Owning a drone that could really be a lot to spy enemies! John Snow would have thought of that!

you know nothing game of thrones

Bracelet bPay for the Lannister !

bracelet paiement barclays

Ahhhh, payment without contact just a bracelet, a key ring or stiker might be sticking to the side of his face or on one side of his sword. If there is indeed a family able to monetize that, it is the Lannister! And it could have put Tyrion to pay immediately his friend (s) without having to repeat all the sauces the eternal sentence: “a Lannister always pays his debts” … Good by cons, it could have paid that small amounts, if Bank of Iron Braavos kept the same principle as Barclays, beyond £ 20 you must dial their PIN to pay for … it remains to discuss the equivalent in gold dragons, moons / silver deer, etc.


A Weenect collar for Dany’s dragons

Le collier Weenect sera le compagnon indispensable de votre chien

Because dragons Daenerys beginning to trust too much and seem to have decided to frolic gaily according to their gigantic desires, this necklace connected, true GPS, allow Dany: follow her adorable pets defenseless time real receive alerts pet fencing (we could have avoided a confrontation with kalasar of Dotrakis …) and have access to the history of his escapades dragons. Oh, little more, if a dragon escapes, augmented reality will flush out where he hid … Even if us it is not really hard to find such a big beast …

daenerys dragons

Netatmo camera to her palace … and stalk Cercei & Jamie


Imagine the thing, you are a power-hungry Lord decides to go casually invade your neighbors, but you are afraid that small bastards have the same good idea that you or that you return the favor more later … no problem, Netatmo created a camera connected to facial recognition that informs you whenever a known person enters or not you! Royal right? In any case, it was almost enough to Ned Stark from the season 1 of burn cercei and Jamie as they played pee touch to the nose and the beard of King’s Landing while …

cercei got meme

Hexoskin to fight the cold and massacre the White Walkers quiet

Hexoskin Arctic

The cold never bothered em anyway! If the White Walkers will not care against the biting cold and wander limit naked in the snow, the poor soldiers of the Night’s Watch are trembling with fear and cold! We could have avoided it (at least for the part hypothermia) with Hexoskin. Microsensors present in the garment record the vital signs and movements, dodging, attacks … The material is changed to permit the escape of natural perspiration, but still keeps the body to room temperature! Much lighter than half a ton of clothes and capes that trimballe Guard, that could have helped in speed and fluidity of movement …


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