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Top 5 of connected Sex-Toys

The wave of connected objects did not take long to reach sexuality. Allier sex and this is a high-tech explosive mix that saw lots of features for fun, alone or in pairs. Cool, the unusual and creepy, there will be something for everyone Discover our selection of 5 video sex toys online.

1- Hera S and Zeus S: two is really better

We begin with a device designed for couples forced to live their remote history. No more long periods of abstinence or more muscular right arm than the left here Zeus and Hera S S, two sex toys, one for men, one for women that have the particularity to reproduce the movements of both the users répercutants on the other. Basically a sort of leg in the air at a distance. better than nothing ! After, it is also possible to have fun alone, and happily. Imagine the galley when jetlag …



Note that the company has also set up a sex toy that works on the same principle, but with … strangers! All that is left to you to see in our article on the subject.

OhMiBod BlueMotion 2: fun with Madame

The BlueMotion is a vibrator that connects to Bluetooth devices with iOS and Android. The small device fits discreetly in Madame pants. Meanwhile, Mr. may decide to vibrate, and with what intensity, sex toy to meet his beloved. Note that the OhMiBod Remote app even allows the device to vibrate to the beat of the music. In short, there is something for all the rascals!

OhMyBod bluetooth

3- Little Bird : naughty reading

Little Bird is a sex toy that looks at the junction of a pipe and a sperm, which, despite this amazing mix, will satisfy all those ladies followers of naughty readings. The principle is simple: according to the sequences you read the small device that you slip into your pants vibrate more or less strong. Everything is done via Bluetooth and application offers plethora of erotic works. And if your partner also wants to have fun, he can choose to control the vibrator to titillate you more. Nice right?

Little Bird

4- Sexfit : measure the perfomance of Mister

The Fitbit penis (admire the pun), this is how we can summarize Sexfit, the object connected quimesure sexual activity sir. When it is said to measure, we’re not talking about the size! The device can determine how many calories you have burned, the number of return, speed or duration of coitus all in order to improve your sexual performance. A kind of “regulator” vibrant intervenes to control you. Best of training modules are also available. The highlight of the show, it is possible to share all the info on … social networks …


5- Svakom Gaga Caméra Vibrator : sex, the caving version

Whether fans caves or selfie extreme followers of the “Camera Vibrator Svakom Gaga” is probably for you. This vibrator in the form entirely conventional has a surprising feature: it incorporates a camera to film the orgasm inside. One manufacturer’s spokesman explains: “It allows users to get to know their body in its entirety thanks to the remarkably clear video of the camera. “Ah, technology …

We had never said it would be the 5 best sex toys eh …

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