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[TOP] Top 5 of the connected devices to pick up

At the risk of expressing a scoop, it is the summer! Who says said sun, beach, evenings, barbecue all this all this but also and especially trying to pick up! And trying to pick up connected even! Swimsuit, bracelets, smartwatches, and even sex-toys discover our top 5 of the objects connected to dredge!

1 – In the closet jacket, take out the connected bikini!

maillot de bain connecté

If the bikini is not connected you a pretender to speak of, at least it saves you a nice sunburn thanks to its sun sensor, and gives you a great excuse to tackle the unknown too busy doing the pancake in front. Since the shirt know your skin type, it sends a notification to your smartphone to notify you when it is necessary to put sunscreen. Ok stuff sunscreen, it’s cliché and it breathes dust, but it still works and if you explain your jersey logged informed you that you had coated cream, it will give you food for conversation. Count still € 150 for the bikini.

2 – Listen ave his heart Hands-Free-Tinder

application montre tinder

When it comes to love, it seems that he must listen to his heart. This council, Hands-Free-Tinder has taken literally! The smartwatch application, created by the US agency T3, inspired by the well known concept of Tinder: it made his “small market” among the unknown (s), and if we like it the “like” and if it is reciprocal, there is “match”. With Hands-Free-Tinder, it is not about pushing a button to “liker” but to trust his heart. More precisely, its heartbeat. This is science, when someone we like, our thrilling racing. It is on this principle that is based on the application, and if the person for whom our heart is carried feels the same, then there is “match”. Rather not romantic?

3 – Twist, the Sex-Toy controlled by unknown people

With sex toys online for men and women, LovePalz brand offers a different dimension to dredge and connected to sex. Everything takes on a cat gender, LovePalz club where traditional sites like strangers exchange messages, get to know and quite a flirt. Choose the person you wish to discuss, if it goes well trigger the webcam and allow taking a reciprocal control of sex toys to please you remotely. The human version of the sex toy is available for $ 89 or 75 € and the woman version costs $ 79 which gives € 65.

4 – Galaxy Gear, perfect for flirting with Samsung eyes

Although the smartwatch promotional video is a bit much misogynist, gives a poor image of men and barely veil the idea that “because you have a very dear Gear you’ll be able to pack a girl IQ abyssal tapping finger “, in terms of drag that is true, there is way to do two three cool stuff. Whether one is a woman or a man ailleurs.La smarwatch remains a good way to impress the person sought to seduce, but especially makes life easier, as noted its number by voice command or call in the evening without fear of dropping his laptop in the crowd. To rely on this drag technique, it will still be ready (e) to pay around 300 € …

5 – Long, Evening captain and matchmaker connected

Named Winner in July 2014 award for “Best product concept” during the conference Microsoft Research Design Expo 2014, Vive is both an excellent evening Captain and can also play matchmaker. By simple contact, the wearer can connect to other users of the band during the evening and then sort if desired. A rather nice approach to dredge by logging, provided of course that the person you covet is also a Vive. In addition, and most importantly, the bracelet is to the safety of the wearer, including monitoring his blood alcohol level, through sensors placed on the skin. Still in prototype state, Vive has yet to improve on some points before disembarking around the wrists.

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