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[TOP] Top 6 of connected devices against zombie invasion

End 2022, Korean researchers are developing a new virus in order to eradicate alien threat to the planet. That’s not counting the magnitude 10 earthquake that brought down the lab releasing the body of his glass prison. Soon, 98% of the world population is turned into a zombie. You find yourself alone, accompanied by your faithful dog, and go on a search for survivors. But first, you must equip yourself. Here’s a top 6 of connected objects that could be helpful.

6 – The autonomous drone Hexo +

The drone Hexo + is equipped with a GoPro camera. So far nothing much folichon. But what makes the peculiarity of the beast is that she follows you track where you go. What interest in case of zombie invasion? In addition to controlling the normally to identify the field, you can continue your progress while monitoring the surroundings, without worrying about running your drone.

Drone Hexo +

In addition, the Hexo + was designed to be easily dismantled and transported. The only problem is that this kind of device has an autonomy of 15 minutes … Finally by 2022, we will have found a good solution.

5 – Hyundai Blue Link

The Blue Link is a system that allows you to remotely control your car from your Smartwatch or Smartphone. When we say control, it means starting the car, turn on lights or activate the horn, do not expect that your vehicle should come to you, it is not in James Bond. However with this system you can create sacred diversions.Laissez your car a few blocks away and made loud noises with your car for the horde of hungry zombies gathers around it and leaves you free way. By cons, good luck to get it back … well you well débrouillerez to find a way.

WayRay NAvion

The disadvantage of the Blue Link is that it works only with Hyundai products … We are not saying that these are bad cars (one would not want to incur the wrath of Korean car owners), but n is not really the first brand that comes to mind when it comes to equip themselves in case of zombie invasion. Personally I pencherai more for a big 4 × 4 armored Hummer kind. After who knows, maybe by 2022 the Korean manufacturer has released this type of vehicle.

4 – The motorcycle helmet / Parebrise connected

While some prefer to be warm and safe from zombies in a car, others prefer the speed and agility of the bike. In both cases, it is best to have a GPS system for orientation and do not end up in a cul-de-sac with 400 Macabes behind you.

Casque connecté top invasion zombie

With Motorbike helmets LiveMap and AR-1 Skully, and the Navion system WayRay your windshield / visor turns into a connected interface. You will watch your route and notifications of your smartphone right before your eyes. This way you stay focused on the road and do not take unnecessary risks because crash is already risking your life and your means of transport, but also alert the zombies coming.

3 – FIDO system

The FIDO system (Facilitating Interactions for Dogs with Occupations) is a device that allows your dog to communicate with you through various sensors. It is in the form of a harness equipped with push buttons, zippers, etc. You just have to train your dog to trigger the sensors according to the information that you wish to convey. So if it detects zombies, a reserve of food or survivors may alert you. The FIDO can also trigger some alerts with proximity sensors, so if your dog approaches an explosive, it can be alerted just like you. All this information is communicated to your smartphone via Bluetooth. Convenient for exploration phases.

Fido system

The FIDO system is developed by the Technical University of Georgia and could be integrated with the equipment of military dogs. It is still a prototype, but the test results are positive.

2 -Smart Textiles

One major problem with the new technological equipment of combat, it is their weight.For power the various devices, we need batteries and it’s heavy. Different companies, dontIntelligent Textiles, developed batteries and flat conductors, thin and light that fit perfectly to reduce by 50% the weight of military equipment.


If you find yourself in full zombie invasion, you may not have the means to stop regularly to recharge your phone and other electronic devices. The smart textile jacket is fitted with lightweight flat batteries and various USB ports. So you will not get stranded with your phone.

1 – The augmented reality glasses

Augmented reality can also save your skin, thanks to two first technologies.Tout the system developed Point Tracking Labs. It allows, through augmented reality glasses kind Magic Leap, Hololens or Google Glass display in the corner of your screen that shows the viewfinder of your weapon. So you can remain hidden behind a wall and still shoot a target on the other side. This system is similar to that team felines (infantryman with integrated equipment and links) of the French army.

Tracking Point Labs

The system developed by ARC4 DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency), allows devisualiser your position relative to benchmarks or teammates to also equipped with this kind of system or location-aware device (eg smartphone). In augmented reality glasses, a compass appears like a shooting game. Then you can mark different references when you find and when you are away, their position and the distance will be displayed before your eyes. One can imagine also follow the position of the dog in the glasses. So if you have located strategically (water supply, food, dangerous places, etc.) you can stay aware of their location. Plus, if your teammates (by imagining that you have found the survivors) are also equipped with ARC4, all they will be displayed on your compass.

So you’re ready to survive in the next zombie invasion.

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