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[TOP] Top 7 of the connected devices to become Master of the World

Learn from your predecessors had Sauron One Ring to rule them all, Voldemort the Elder Wand, Darth Vader an army boots … So what was wrong so that everything parte peanut so close? They lacked the September Seven objects connected to become the master of the world!

Do not try to go faster than the music, and instead follow this demonic plan 7 steps to be sure of a successful takeover and stay in place.


Step 1 – Scaffold funky plans with your helmet HoloLens

When thinking about his future place of master of the world, sometimes the brain gets lost or we have a great battle of idea, but one wonders immediately after its applicability on the ground . So we will seek the cards, draw lines, time is wasted and gets angry. With HoloLens, you will be able to display 3D holograms in real space, move them and even create simulations! A first version will be available in 2016 for developers. You know what you have to do to start your Bully project.

Step 2 – Drones to monitor enemy lines

nouvelles technologie drones

Supreme Master aspirants of the world all face the same problem: annoying-kind-of-protective-well-and-any-thing. Your predecessors there are broken teeth, especially because of the lack of anticipation of enemy actions. Problem solved with the drones! Send your small appliances on the ground and control them from your smartphone to browse quietly and watch the nice before you decide to attack.

Step 3 – Equip your activity trackers soldiers


Another concern, it is quite complicated to follow all that happens when you send your army to break-pipe (or not if you meet the above two steps) and you stay quietly in your dingy nasty mark. With trackers bracelets activity you will now know the exact position of your soldiers, their cadence, calories burned they will have, and why not their heart rate if desired. You can even share them on social networks the latest updates to keep your supporters informed!

Step 4 – Bracelets and weapons! Connected with the Rifle Point Tracking 338TP


“Who wants peace prepares for war.” In his time, Julius Caesar had already understood everything. But since the pila, weapons have evolved. To achieve their goals, future leaders must arm their soldiers with the best weapons possible. Thus, the connected TrackingPoint 338TP rifle equipped with a telescopic sight to never miss its target under a kilometer is for you! With WiFi you can even control the target on your smartphone through an app, for those who wish to remain hidden.

Step 5: Make a grand appearance and safe thanks to an exoskeleton

All perky crush people fighting for their freedom (and then what!) You arrive, radiating power and begin to make a small demo of your incredible power. And there bim without warning, a hero out of nowhere destroys you, and that’s the end! It would not have happened if Sauron had sent a robot with his picture on the ground, while the controlled via an exoskeleton, well away from his palace.


Patience, however before sending your avatar robotics to be clever for you, experiments conducted by MIT researchers have just demonstrated that it was possible to balance the robots with an exoskeleton. Prepare your plans while waiting to have your future machine.

Step 6 : Monitor your people with NFC Chips

implant cutané puce NFC

The most dangerous with power is that it is easily ébranlable. Thus, it is essential to keep its people in the eye to prevent any attempt of revolution. In this context, the NFC chip seems to be the best solution. As simple as getting vaccinated, this chip will allow you to monitor the movements of employees and health. Perfect to keep abreast of events.

Step 7: Master of the World, operation remain! Put on your armor of protection against hackers!

Once in place, the hardest remains to be done, we must now remain. Defend against hackers are becoming more difficult, it is time to act. With online clothing offered by Norton, your demonic master identity can not be hacked by anyone. At the pockets, impermeable material waves and prevent any hacker to steal your precious phone numbers or addresses of your secret hiding places, it can be useful.


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