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Top of the craziest connected devices !

Have an outfit of objects for our car, house, garden it is very nice, but the life, even connected, is funnier with a little of falling or of crazy inventions just taken from brilliant brain of the creators … The craziest connected objects it is this way!

Svakom Gaga: to make “sexfies” of her orgasm

swakom sextoy

So much put itself in the bath and at once approach the animal. Svakom Gaga it is what? Among others, the proof by A more B than the narcissism does not have limit anymore, but next to that, the device is a vibrator allowing to film in live a feminine orgasm of the inside. All this thanks to a camera HD which according to the spokesman of LoveHoney, ” allows the users to learn to know their body in its entirety thanks to the outstandingly clear video of the camera ” thank you which? All the recordings can be directly downloaded via PC or smartphone with FaceTime. Bonus, it is waterproof.

True Love Tester: “romantic” bra

La sexualité connectée !

Later the sex-toy comes the connected bra. True Love Tester, it is a little the panties of chastity of the breast, once attached, the underwear communicates with the smartphone thanks to its sensors who broadcast the heart rhythm of its user. The idea is to allow the bra to unbolt when exciting sound is carried away, but not whenever, no matter how!

The bra which clears off during the jogging it is questionable, that is why True Love to Make out a will was schedules to be capable of recognizing when the heart is carried away of love, only key capable of coming at the end of this rampart which already under normal circumstances spins some cold sweat to these sirs. Finally only, not really, the other key it is the application smartphone quifournit also information on the heart rate of the user. A rather nice object as a matter of fact, but to use only to be liked just to avoid annoying situations …

To walk? That runs with Rollkers!

Rollkers en vrai

Finally an object useful for the big followers of the least tiring solution to move. Rollkers is “accelerators of walking” and a French invention please, presented in THESE 2015! The kind of idea which has enough to delight all those who have a thought day “when the life would tremendously be better if instead of walking so far we could have conveyor belts as in airports …” And bim! Two wheels, an engine and a battery later we put on the surrealist pumps and we connect all this to its smartphone to choose the walking speed and check the braking. Well on the other hand to hold with dignity on these machines asks a little of practice either a so intense laziness which it will surpass the fear of the ridiculous.

IGrow: a helmetfort the hair

casque croissance cheveux igrow

IGrow is a helmet(headphones) allowing to grow hair. No, it is not the first of April(April Fool’s Day) nor a joke in two balls. Well OK said like that, we could limit imagine a cartoon where the hero puts on the device and finds himself covered with hairs from head to foot in mode Chewbacca. But The device is not only real, but more equipped with a helmet, and ultimate, was validated by the American FDA! The device( was too presented in THESE 2015, and works thanks to LEDs as well as lasers, asked to stimulate cells responsible for the growth of hair because they are well worth him(it).

D Free: operation 10 minutes stopwatch

d free

The advantage by being interested in the Japanese culture, it is that we wonder almost no more of anything regarding silly inventions. The Japanese Triple W start-up created a lap sensor capable of analyzing what it takes place in intestines to warn his user 10 minutes before he has to go to the toilet to make the big committee to avoid being slopped all the rest of the day. These missions ” 10 minutes stopwatch ” are directly sent on the smartphone of the person. However surprising and/or absurd it can appear, the lap sensor aims especially at the elderly subject to intestinal problems.

Numi comfort Height : Game Of Throne

toilettes connectés

Small messages of welcome, heating function, two-speed flush, small fill light which is well … JAAAAAAAAAAP. No! ‘ Merica!

meme japon

Inescapable classic of the fair in the craziest objects, the connected toilet have a special place, but this time are not it the Japanese who put the bar very high in the connected ” Game of Thrones “, are it the Americans! Numi Comfort Height works thanks to a tactile LCD screen where it is possible to connect its smartphone. To there, it is still soft, now add it a detector of presence, a loudspeaker, perennially fashionable automatic basin and small bonuses, an USB port, a location for the card SD and of which to transform the lavatory pan into sound box! Atmosphere!

RollScout: warned before being exhausted

papier toilette

Do not deny it, by looking at this photo, you feel sick. Because you know this anxiety which takes in by the throat(into a corner) when you are only in the face of the fate, looking at this empty, powerless roller. It is to fight against these dramas of the everyday life(daily paper) that RollScout intervenes. Still in project on Kickstarter, the connected door-roller sends a notification on the smartphone of its user when the toilet paper is going to miss. In case, the object flashes in red to underline the urgency of the situation.

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